Backing up

First, just to be sure, after stopping your node, back up your channels via Ride The Lightning, Thunderhub or LNCLI. This is a good habit to get into on a regular basis anyway and not just when updates are made.


If you have RTL running you can easily backup.

  • Go to your RTL dashboard at, say,
  • Choose "Backups" under "Lightning."
  • Click on "Backup All"

Now in /home/ubuntu/RTL/backup/node-1/ there is a file called channel-all.bak.

Stop services

Stop the services that depend on LND like Ride The Lightning or Thunderhub and LND itself.

sudo systemctl stop lnd

Retrieve and compile source code

Enter the LND directory.

cd ~/lnd

Update the repository with the latest changes via Git.

git fetch --all

Show the latest version/tag/release.

git describe --tags `git rev-list --tags --max-count=1`

Retrieve the changes from the latest release.

git checkout -f <OUTPUT FROM PREVIOUS STEP> #example: v0.17.0-beta

Now install the software.

make install tags="autopilotrpc signrpc walletrpc chainrpc invoicesrpc routerrpc watchtowerrpc monitoring peersrpc"

Start the services

Start the service lnd and monitor the progress of the startup. Be patient this may take a while.

sudo systemctl start lnd
sudo journalctl -f -u lnd

Once you see in the output past that you can unlock the wallet, start a second terminal window.

lncli unlock

Now enter your passphrase from your wallet. Now in the other window you will see the GossipSyncer which means that LND is back on the air.

Check the current version of LND.

lncli --version

The output will look like lncli version 0.17.0-beta commit=v0.17.0-beta.

LND is now updated! Now start the other services that depend on LND such as RTL or Thunderhub.