Purpose and why

Bitcoin is amazing technology. A network consisting of computers that each run a piece of code. The computers that participate in the network are called nodes and together ensure the existence of Bitcoin. However, not every Bitcoin user has a node. Many get tired at the thought of setting one up. This guide is intended to change that. To follow the guide you need the following:

  • interest, without interest you won't get very far;
  • time, for each part of the guide is indicated how much time it will take;
  • money, always an annoying factor, but you should expect to pay around €190.

By the way, it is not necessary to have a node before you can use Bitcoin. You can use Bitcoin as a savings technology, but without a node you sacrifice a bit of privacy. With this guide, you can set up a Bitcoin and Lightning node that are entirely on the Tor network. An additional benefit of Tor is that your node can be reached from anywhere, despite a changing IP by your ISP.

In addition, setting up a node is also very educational. You get a better idea of the technical side of Bitcoin. How deep you want to go is up to you. You don't have to follow all parts of the guide and the order doesn't always matter. Should a section lean on a previous one, it will be indicated.