Start and CLI

Time: 5 minutes

It's time to start and initialize LND. Here you need two terminals and with both you are using SSH to get into the Pi. On terminal 1 you start LND with the lnd command.


On the second terminal we are going to create a wallet. Type:

lncli create

You will enter a process that requires you to provide a password at least 8 characters long. You will be asked if you have an existing seed. Choose N (or Y if you want to enter an existing seed). After this you will be asked if you want to encrypt the seed with a password. Just do it 😉 Finally you will see the seed. Save it well, as you see instructed in the terminal.

After you initialize a wallet, more text will appear on the first terminal screen.

On the first terminal screen, press Ctrl + C to exit LND.


On the first terminal screen, start LND.


On the second terminal screen, unlock your wallet.

lncli unlock

Enter your password.

Information about your node

To get an overview of your node including the public key and the URL to the outside world, type the following command.

lncli getinfo

The following is some of the output you will see.

"identity_pubkey": "YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY",
"alias": "YOURSETTING_A",
"color": "YOURSETTING_B",
"uris": ["YOUR_PUBKEY@YOUR_URL.onion:9735" ]

The output includes your public key and onion address. These things you can share with people to connect.