Time: 5 minutes

Lighting Network Daemon is an implementation of the Lightning Network protocol. It is a second layer on Bitcoin, where bitcoind is the first layer. But if you want to install LND then you probably already knew that.

Note that this section is dependent on the Golang installation. You can't proceed if you don't have Golang installed on the Raspberry Pi. And of course you need an installation of Bitcoin Core first.

Make sure you are in the home directory.

cd ~

Get the source code in.

git clone

Enter the LND directory.

cd lnd

Switch to the latest release.

git checkout v0.17.0-beta

And install LND. The tags are useful to provide in advance if you want to use Lightning Terminal and other tools later.

make install tags="autopilotrpc signrpc walletrpc chainrpc invoicesrpc routerrpc watchtowerrpc monitoring peersrpc"